what to know about magic mushrooms

Ever taken shrooms even though it’s a lot stronger than one two grams is a good dose it’s solid it’s it’s enough to really explain in some of the magic. However we get to the eighth which is 3.5 grams and others and universally accepted as the dose you know the breakthrough dose. If you’re gonna have a breakthrough if you’re gonna page or if you’re gonna experience the true magic of these substances then i think 3.5 is the way to go for a full experience. To really know that you definitely signed up for a powerful one. I recently just sat with five grams that was life-changing for me. I’ve always been afraid to do more than a knife i did do four grams once and i didn’t think to myself wow why was i so afraid this wasn’t so bad it wasn’t too scary. So i don’t know why i was so afraid to do the five grams . I think the longer you go about doing psychedelics the more be a kickstand or stronger ego gets .

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